Savor Japanese cuisine and soba noodles,
surrounded by nature.

Yamagata Village lies in Matsumoto City, Nagano. Also known as the Soba Village, it's a place where soba stores have been gathering since the Edo period. On top of that, it's even where the famous Karasawa Soba Shuraku is located and is the home of authentic Shinshu soba.
Soba is a Japanese noodle dish processed using buckwheat flour made from cereal buckwheat. It's one of Japan's most famous dishes and is eaten with soup using soy sauce as its base.
Soba and Japanese Food Restaurant TEUCHISOBA TSUTSUMIAN serves Nama Soba in Yamagata Village using traditional methods passed down since long ago. Our soba is excellent in both texture and flavor, using high-quality natural ingredients without any chemical seasonings, filled with our concern for our customers' health. We also have a no-meat/fish menu, as well as gluten-free 10% Soba. Please stop by and enjoy our delicious soba when you're sightseeing nearby.

Experience the abundant
nature of Nagano.

Nagano is a vast land filled with nature. Yamagata Village lies within this rich environment, sitting on the mountains along the Karasawa River. It's a small but beautiful village where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. We serve all sorts of traditional Japanese multi-courses and set meals, using plenty of gensoba noodles, wild vegetables, river fish, and game raised in Nagano's abundant nature.


Store Guide

TSUTSUMIAN has a calm and relaxed atmosphere based on Japanese house architecture, having a variety of rooms such as Japanese-style tatami rooms and private dining rooms.

*The private space is a completely private room only for those with reservations for our traditional Japanese multi-course.


Gozen Ryori (Emperor's Set Meals)

Served without needing reservations.
*All prices are tax-inclusive.


Shinshu Gozen

2,700 yen

A set meal made from Nagano's seasonal ingredients.
Recommended when you're in Nagano.

Soba Gozen

1,400 yen

A soba and tempura set. Has a great price and can be enjoyed without worry.


Curry Gozen

1,600 yen

A set of curry rice, specialty soba, and Japanese dashi (soup).


Soba can be ordered ala carte.

*All prices are tax-inclusive.

Arabiki Soba
  • Regular  880 yen
  • Large 1,300 yen
  • Extra Large 1,700 yen
Juuwari Soba
  • Regular 1,100 yen
  • Large 1,620 yen
  • Extra Large 2,130 yen

*Although these noodles are wheat-free, wheat is still handled in the same kitchen. Please note if you have allergies.

TSUTSUMIAN Toji Soba (local cuisine)
  • Regular 1,400 yen
  • Large 1,750 yen
  • そば
  • そば

Private Room Course

We offer traditional Japanese courses with each dish served according to the menu.
Enjoy a variety of dishes filled with plenty of seasonal ingredients and specialty soba.
We also have private rooms for those with reservations, so please inform us when making your reservation.

  • 5,000 yen Multi-Course
    Sakizuke (Appetizers), Wanmono (Second Soup Course), Mukozuke (Sashimi Plate), Hachizakana (Grilled Snack), Agemono (Deep Fried Dishes), Main Dish
  • 8,000 yen Multi-Course
    Sakizuke (Appetizers), Wanmono (Second Soup Course), Mukozuke (Sashimi Plate), Hassun (Seasonal Platter), Hachizakana (Grilled Snack), Tomezakana (vinegared food or aemono), Agemono (Deep Fried Dishes), Main Dish, , Kanmi (Sweets)
  • 12,000 yen Multi-Course
    Sakizuke (Appetizers), Wanmono (Second Soup Course), Mukozuke (Sashimi Plate), Hassun (Seasonal Platter), Hachizakana (Grilled Snack), Shiizakana (Strong Snack), Tomezakana (vinegared food or aemono), Agemono (Deep Fried Dishes), Main Dish, Mizugashi (Dessert), Kanmi (Sweets)

*All prices are tax-inclusive.
*Item quantities vary depending on the season.

Nagano Local Sake

Wine and cider made from the nearby popular winery, TAIKE WINE.
We also offer a variety of sake that goes well with our cooking, such as sake from Nagano.

Nagano Apple Cider

Shop Information

(+81)263-75-6473 Tell us you saw our homepage for a smoother experience.
Location7466-10 Minorigaoka, Yamagatamura, Higashichikuma-gun, Nagano 390-1301, Japan
How to Access Us26 minutes by car from Matsumoto Station on JR and other lines
8 minutes by car from Hata Station on Matsumoto Electric Railway Kamikochi Line
Store HoursLunch: 10:30-14:00
Dinner: 16:00-20:00
Regular HolidaysWednesday
Parking AreaAvailable
Total Number of SeatsParty of up to 50 people
Reserve Entire PlaceRoom reservations are negotiable.
Credit CardAccepted (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, etc.)